Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Let the Countdown Begin

In 7 days we will head to the airport with a 1 way ticket to Thailand. Wow, it's hard to believe it's finally this close.

Yesterday we received our visas in the mail that will allow us to enter the country and allow us to both apply for work visas. It was a lot of paperwork to put together, but everything must have looked alright because we were approved. If you come and visit us you don't have to apply for a special visa, you just need your passport!

This past week both my mom and dad made trips here to MN and have helped a lot. We are storing quite a bit of stuff at my moms and my dad just left with our last load. Good-bye winter clothing, hair straightener, microwave, and we almost forgot to include our creme brule torch. (no flammables in the shipping container) Whatever is left we are either moving or still trying to sell. Our last resort for selling things is taking them down to the Pawn Shop below!

We are still in the process of designating what gets put in our shipping container, what should be sent in our air shipment, and what should we try to fit into our suitcases (we are each allowed 2 checked and 1 carry on) This weekend will be spent getting ready for the movers on Monday.

Next Monday-Wednesday we will be staying at a hotel here in town. The movers come Monday and they are planned to be done loading on Tuesday. The cleaning will begin as soon as everything is out and we'll say goodbye to our first home together.

Oh yeah, our phones will be off starting next Tuesday. If you need to get a hold us we are on skype now! Our name is Greg and Mary MacLeod.

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