Saturday, July 31, 2010

The Final Days

Our living room has become more like a storage closet. Along the wall are things from the bookshelf and items that Greg's boss's wife recommend to buy here because they are unavailable in Thailand or really expensive.All of our wall hangings are ready to be packed.

A wonderful breakfast, using up the last of our eggs, salsa, cheese and sour cream.

Just to keep everyone informed, here are what our final days have and will look like.

Thursday: Greg had his last softball game. Our friends Jen and Dave came from the cities and picked up our book shelf.

Last night (Friday)- Took down all pictures and patched nail holes, enjoyed a few beverages as we need to empty our liquor cabinet (no liquids in the shipping container), took down train set, made a list of things still to do!

Today- Ran errands, Greg is train watching, I'm going to go through some school stuff, enjoy some time with friends tonight at a bonfire.

Sunday- Say goodbye to people at church, finish designating air shipment things, take apart TV and stereo cords, pack our suitcases (2 each) for everything we'll take on the plane and use the rest of the week. Finish up our perishable food. This is our last night at 138 Main St. North.

Monday- Movers come and pack (maybe load). We check into a local hotel for the rest of the week, The Best Western Victorian Inn. This is the last day for our cell phones. Monday night we go to the cities to see some of Greg's grad school friends for dinner.

Tuesday- Movers load everything and we start cleaning!

Wednesday- Finish up cleaning, check out with our landlord (hopefully get our deposit back) and possibly do one more round of wash. Wednesday night we are hosting "The Last Supper" at the local VFW for wings and beer.

Thursday- Greg's co-worker Eric will be in town from Eau Claire and will drop us off at the airport on his way home. Our flight leaves at 3:20.

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