Sunday, November 14, 2010

Chinatown and Floods

Chinatown is an area we went exploring to a few weekends ago. It is just a few stops away on the subway, but we had not been there yet. We were lucky it wasn't too hot because it was one crowded place.  Like many of the market areas, you can find just about anything here. We saw everything from Hello Kitty hair bows to electronics, to fresh fruit. 
 A small alley in the market area.
Walking into a market area.
Small Road, Lots of People, Big Truck = No problem
Typical day of traffic..
Look closely at the men are doing on the street corner.
Yup, they're gutting and filleting snake-head fish right there!
Blue Crab? 25 Baht= less than $1
More traffic

While in Chinatown, we got an up close view of the river's rising waters. 
I'm not sure I would park my car on this car park... The water was rushing under it.
River Taxi's make their way down the river.
The water was really moving!
While Bangkok has not been badly flooded, much of Thailand has been effected by floods this year. At work, Greg has multiple engineers whose trips home on the weekends have included boat rides to their homes. It started in the north, but is now in the south with the death toll over 200. On the way south, the city Greg's company is located in was not spared. One day Greg saw people walking the elephants out of the city, here is a picture of elephants helping people evacuate. We keep updated with the floods and other news through The Bangkok Post or The Nation. Feel free to add these online editions of these English Newspapers to your favorites to keep updated on Thailand and other SE Asia news.

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