Monday, November 15, 2010

Hosting Dinner

In Hutchinson, it felt like we were were always having people for dinner. Here, not so much. It's not that we don't have people to invite. With Greg working an hour away, by the time he gets home it's late and on weekends people are often away.  Friday was an exception though. Greg, Erik and Melanie, and I hosted the Thai Engineers for a yummy dinner. Erik and Mel brought down their card table and chairs and all 10 of us fit nicely around the large table. We served pork chops with pineapple/mango salsa, mashed potatoes, Mel's homemade bread, and watermelon with brownies and ice cream for desert. Aroy!

Suwat (standing), Kai (white shirt sitting down) and Nid (sitting on the couch) are enjoying watching Aor  giving it her best at Wii boxing!
Suwat and Greg go up against each other as we are waiting for the potatoes to boil.
Kai's wife and son Captain are entertained with the Wii sporting event

Captain had a really cute fish hat. He liked looking at his reflection in the window.

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