Sunday, November 21, 2010

Thailand, Once in a Lifetime

If you ride the MRT (subway system) in Bangkok you've heard the song, "Thailand, Once in a Lifetime" one too many times. Last Monday though, I did have a once an a lifetime experience (I think). Greg and I were invited to my school secretary's wedding reception. She is of Indian nationality, but grew up here in Thailand and considers herself Thai. Her reception was day 5 of wedding events and we were two of hundreds of guests. Nitty and her groom Micky wore traditional outfits and looked beautiful. It started at 7:30 on a Monday night, so we didn't stay long. The food was great, half Thai and half Indian, and it was neat to see people from work outside of work.
We had our picture taken with Nitty and Micky as when we arrived.
They sat up front :-)
My co-worker Tracy and her boyfriend Rowan (from New Zealand)
All dressed up on a Monday night!

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  1. You guys look great! and Mary, your hair cut looks like it's working out beautifully. :)