Sunday, November 21, 2010

Loy Krathong

Today is Loy Krathong Day in Thailand. It is a major holiday here that celebrates a good rice harvest and is completed by wishing your sins away and making wishes for the new year as you float your Krathong in the water.  At school we celebrated Loy Krathong on Friday. We all dressed up in traditional Thai costumes, played Thai games, and families were invited to bring Krathongs to float in our swimming pool. My class performed a Loy Krathong song with a traditional dance. While it's not something I believe in, it was neat to take part in with my students. It was my job to help each student light the candle and incense. Here is a link to some history of Loy Krathong. 
My first students to show up on Friday. Tyler was kindly told to put in Rock -N-Roll Sunglasses in his bag.
4 of the 5 teachers. Me, Tracy, Katie, and Abby. As you can see, the assistants go all out decorating school for each holiday.
Ayako, Annika, Riri, and Izzy :-)
Rehaan and I
Going to the Big Assembly! That's a pretty good line!

Every Friday we have a Big Assembly with the whole school.

Trying to stay cool! Me, Ms. Pom, Ohm, Ms. Tracy, and Ms. Pu!

Doing our Loy Krathong song and dance!

Ms. Pu, Ms. Nor, and Ms. Pom floating our class krathongs.
Edward and his mom letting his Krathong in the pool.
Riri's turn!
Holly and her mom.
Izzy and her proud mom.
Hannah and her mom.
Ayako and her mom. 

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