Wednesday, April 27, 2011

1°17′N 103°50′E

Our final stop in our trip was to the Republic of Singapore. We arrived Tuesday evening and checked into our hotel located in the heart of the business district, just south of Chinatown. During our 3 days in this modern city-state we did many things. A top highlight for both of us included visiting the Singapore Zoo where we watched the white tigers get fed (Greg's favorite), spent a half an hour watching the baboon's interact(my favorite), being frightened of the flying fox, and watched the world's most colorful mammal get it's lunch. Another day we used our Lonely Planet guide to take a walking tour around the cities colonial district and marina area during the day and at night enjoyed a dinner with Ryan Anderson a friend from high-school now living in Singapore. Dinner that night ended up to include our friends from Bangkok, Katherine and Anonth. They were in Singapore too and they just happened to walk by where we were eating! Our last day started with another walking tour through Little India, then getting educated at The National Museum of Singapore, and ending our trip with a night out on the town.

When we were in Singapore it felt like we had left Asia. It was clean, organized, and expensive. However we did enjoy some good food, good beer (Brewerkz was our favorite where Greg could fine a good IPA), and great sights.

Our hotel had a Czech microbrewery.

Singapore Zoo.

Mandrill during feeding time.

White Bengal Tigers during feeding time. These two are not in cages by the way!

Up close with a crocodile.

The flying fox is one huge bat.

Exploring the marina. That's the Marnia Bay Sands Hotel in the background.

Greg thought Singapore would be a great place for aliens to live. Example 1 & 2: The cross walk sign that included strange beeping sounds.

Example 3: UFO Building. That's the oddest looking supreme court building we've ever seen!!!

Taking cover under the tail feathers of a statue during an afternoon storm.

Enjoy a cold Mt. Dew in our hotel room. FYI: You cannot find The Dew in Bangkok.

Little India. Much cleaner than Little India in Penang. 

Lunch in Little India. I had no idea what I ordered, but it was basically a delicious omelet.
Greg's lunch was a little more traditional, Tandoori Chicken with rice,vegetable dishes and curries. Indian restaurants have a hand washing station because you eat this with your hands!

Our night out started at the Red Dot Brew House. Yes, that beer is green. It's brewed with  spirulina, which is commonly used in drugs used to fight AIDS. 
Nightlife area, we actually walked through this area the night before with Ryan Anderson.
An amazing view of The Marina Bay Sands. To the left is the Helix pedestrian bridge designed to look like human DNA. Sticking up on the right is a art/science museum. 

The view from on top of The Marnia Bay Sands.

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