Sunday, April 24, 2011

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The second stop in our vacation was in Kuala Lumpur. KL is the capital city of Malaysia, not a country as we've discovered many people believe. We arrived on Sunday afternoon and left Tuesday morning. Our time in KL was spent getting a birds eye view of the city up the Menara Tower, seeing monkeys in the city's rain-forest, sitting out a down pour in the unique KL Railway Station,watching the worlds tallest twin towers Petronas Towers light up the sky,  and indulging in the local street food. Except for our visit to the railway station, this was all done within walking distance of our downtown guest-house.  KL was a beautiful city filled with people from many different backgrounds wearing traditional wear from their culture. Here's some photos from our day's adventures.
Greg enjoying the night on Jalan Alor (a street). This well know street hawker road was just one street over from our guest-house. 
View from the top of Menara Tower.
Menara Tower is located in the middle of this park, that just happened to be a rain-forest with giant bamboo.
There were also monkeys!

Petronas Twin Towers
We used the city train to get to old KL Railway station. Just in time to see the afternoon storm roll in...
Cool old railway station is still used for commuter trains.

We were thankful for the shelter of the train station.
Inside the station is a fascinating place to people watch 
The Twin Towers at night. They sparkled like diamonds.

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