Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Suk-San Wan Songkran

Happy Songkran Day!

Songkran in the traditional Thai New Years that is celebrated each year on the 13th, 14th, and 15th of April. Songkran is supposed to come at the end of the hot and dry season. This year's weather has not been typical March/April weather. This past week we had 3 days that did not reach 80 degrees to add to the many cool days the past 2 months. The dry season has also been quite wet.  As one mother at school put it, "The weather is very confused this year Ms. Mary"  I'm just fine with the weather being confused, we've enjoyed having our windows open, wearing jeans with long sleeves, and not sweating to death by just walking outside.

The weather the past few days has gone back to normal and luckily for kids at school it was warm enough on Friday to participate in our Songkran  Activity Day. In the morning it was full of carnival activities and in the afternoon my class was able to participate in more traditional water activities. For more background information on Songkran look at the Wikpedia Entry here, then click your back arrow to look at more photos of adorable students at my school!

After all the activities we had time for computers!

This one wasn't take on Friday, but it's our group shot from earlier in the week. On the board behind you can see the ocean, desert, and land!

Ms. Jenny, the other teacher from the US helped with Facepainting


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