Thursday, April 21, 2011

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Two weeks we left to go on a week and a half vacation. Our plan was take the train to Penang, Malaysia, another train over to Kuala Lumpur, and finally a third train to Singapore. We ended up taking 2/3 trains. Our first train was canceled due to the record rainfall southern Thailand has recently received. After refunding our train tickets and foregoing the option to take a bus, we took a plane to reach Penang. We arrived one day earlier that originally planned on an extortionately priced flight to enjoy an extra day at the beach.

Highlights of Penang for us included the staying on the beautiful beach in batu feringgi and visiting the cultural capital city Georgetown. We enjoyed a few days reading and lounging by the beach/pool of our hotel. Our final and favorite day was spent exploring the neighborhoods, Little India and Chinatown, of Georgetown. Even our friend from southern India says, “Going to Little India in Penang is just like going home.”

Hard Rock Penang We sat by the guitar signed by Weezer.


If you notice, the women on the beach are wearing head coverings. Malaysia is Muslim country. We even saw women in full burqas on jet skis. 
Reading on my kindle +cold beer on the beach= priceless



Fort Cornwallis

Trishaw outside government building

Dinner in Little India. Greg said Little India was, "Delicious and dirty"

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