Saturday, September 18, 2010

Cooking Class Part 1: Klong Toei Market

This morning I met my friend Melanie and we headed off to our Thai cooking class. I found out about it through the church we've been attending.

Our first stop was the Klong Toei market. It's actually within walking distance of our condo, but a little daunting to an outsider. It's a sprawling market that has everything from fresh blue crab, to flowers, to any part of a pig you want. We learned that it opens at 2am every day and usually runs to 6pm. It is here that many restaurants in Bangkok come and get their ingredients. We got a small tour of the market before we headed to our small kitchen to cook. While we didn't buy the ingredients we used (our leader's husband bought them at 5:30 this morning) they did come from this market. Here's some of the pictures I took. While some are gross, they are also kind of pretty. I want to return with Greg's good camera and we should get some beautiful pictures.
One giant fished waiting to be filleted


One was making a get away!!!!

Need a fish head? They have them here!

Lots of mushrooms!

Fried grasshoppers. Anything friend tastes good right?

My first experience eating grasshopper! It wasn't too bad!


Thai Chillies

Pink Dragon fruit (it also comes in white)


Fresh Flowers

Fresh Pig Head

Everything you need for Tom Yum Goon

Beautiful blue crab

Everything you need to make lots of yummy Thai Food

Curry paste fresh and dry

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