Sunday, September 12, 2010

Happy Birthday Melanie!

Friday night we helped our friend Melanie celebrate her 30th birthday. It was Eric, Melanie, Greg, our friend Suwat, and I for a night out. Suwat picked us up and since Greg now has his Thai driver's liscense, he let Greg drive us to dinner.

Greg'g great parking job after driving in heavy city traffic!

We ate a wonderful dinner at The Old German Beer House. We know we will be there again. Next we went to a bar/nightclub that featured live music. It was great fun and the music was great as well. While most of the songs were in Thai, they did sing some in English. It was funny because one guy that kinda looked like a rapper kept saying, "WEST SIDE" over and over.

Happy Birthday Melanie!

Greg and Suwat

One of the bands that played. We ended up getting a great table!

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