Sunday, September 26, 2010

Our Car

This is our car. Photo taken at Jomtien Beach.

This past week, Greg took Tuesday off of work and finalized the purchase of our car here in Thailand. It's a 2003 Honda Civic. It can run on regular gasoline as well as LPG (propane) making it significantly less expensive for him to get to work everyday.

Our friend Suwat took Greg to get the car and had his friend who owns a service center come look at it as well. The friend was able to confirm through some phone calls that it has been in a few minor accidents, has had only 1 owner, and has been taken to the Honda service center for oil changes every 3000. Before the final purchase was made, he also helped Greg negotiate getting the AC recharged, fixing many lights that needed replacing, and fixing a broken visor. Many foreigners do not go through the hassle of buying a car and choose just to lease. We feel lucky to have a Thai friend to help us out, blessed to have the means to purchase a car right now, and feel lucky that we were able to do all the steps necessary (registration, insurance, and final purchase).

Now Greg will take our car to work. Soon our friend Eric will ride with him as well. Along with Eric and Melanie, we are looking into hiring a driver. More to come on that later!

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