Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Index Living Mall AKA My New IKEA

A wardrobe to match the other one just like it in our extra bedroom. We needed the storage, although now Greg isn't sure just exactly where is trains are going to go!

A dresser/tv stand for our room. We'll put our tv in our room for movies because here that is all we will be able to do with it!

A desk for our desk nook! This is also in our bedroom.

Two matching dressers. We have these in front of the window that goes to our bathroom.

Here is some pictures of our new furniture. It's from an IKEA like store here, but it's called Index Living Mall. I think it is better than IKEA for two reasons. 1) Free delivery 2) They set up everything for you when they come, which is also free :-)

It's starting to feel more and more like our place. Now all we need is our furniture and some pictures! Who's coming to our house warming party?!?!?!

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