Saturday, September 18, 2010

Cooking Class Part 2: Cooking Yummy Food

This was our cooking class group. Melanie and I, a pair of girls (one from England and one from Ireland I think) and then 2 guys (one from the US embassy that spoke amazing Thai and the other a friend that travels) Ms. Pooh is in the middle.

After the market we went to the small place where the cooking takes place. There were 3 stations (we had 6 people in our group) and we all took turns making the food for ourselves. We ate what we could, then took home the rest. Our leaders, Ms. Pooh and Ms. Noy were great! We received all the recipes to take home. My favorite was the pad-thai.

First: Som Tum (spicy papaya salad)
Second: Tom Yum Goon (Spicy soup with prawns)

Third: Pad-Thai Gai (hot rice noodles with chicken)

Fourth: Sticky Rice with Mango covered in coconut milk, Rambutan, and Thai Custard. (We just cut the mango up, other wise this was prepared for us)

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