Sunday, September 12, 2010

Our New Home

This is a night view from
our living room.

When (not if) you come and stay with us, this will be the view you wake up to :-)

This is our big fridge. We asked for a large one, we got a HUGE one!

Unpacking our air-shipment. You can also look at our ugly TV stand. We won't keep that, but we are keeping the TV.

It has been awhile since our last post! We are very sorry, we have been very busy in the past 2 weeks!

Here's the quick update:

1) We've moved into our condo! Please email us if you'd like our mailing address!

2) We love our new condo and have enjoyed the view, the street food, and getting settled.

3) We have received our air-shipment and will receive our sea-shipments in a few weeks time.

4) Our place now is furnished with things from our landlord. When our things arrive our landlord will move his things out. We will keep a TV for our living room and a bed for our guest room.

5) Greg has been out looking for a car with one of our Thai friends and we will be making that purchase this week.

6) We've found a church that we have been attending now for 3 weeks. The International Church of Bangkok is just what we were looking for in a church. They even say in one of their brochures, "A place not too big that you'll get lost, but big enough that you'll find a friend." We agree. We've attended their morning service, but they also have an evening service as well.

That's a quick update, I will try to post more regularly this week!

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