Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Dear USA, We Miss You. Love, Mary and Greg

Many of Greg's co-workers have or are still using their annual home leave to go back to the United States. (part of the expat contract with Greg's company is each year the employee and their family get to fly back to Minneapolis for a visit) We are taking the money that it would of cost to go to Minneapolis in late July to fly to Helsinki, Finland to meet up with Emily (Greg's sister) and her husband David.  More on that in a later post.

Anyways, with so many people going to the US and missing the annual celebration of 4th of July we are missing USA a lot right now. We are already planning our trip back to Minneapolis, Iowa, Chicago, and Michigan for 2 weeks in December and here are some things we are looking forward too! 

Anywhere we go we would like to go here and see these people:
To pick up some clothing and other items that we cannot find our size here in  Thailand!
Tomato Basil Bread please or Cinnamon Crunch Bagel or Chicken-N-Wild Rice Soup or.... you get the idea!
I would imagine we may go here more than once. We've heard they have a new Thai inspired flavor. 
Yum! Do they deliver at 3am? That's when we'll wake up thinking it's 3pm and be hungry for something!
This is mostly for Greg!
        Greg likes both Chipotle and Panchero's for their burritos! Either would satisfy his cravings!

In Minnesota:

Sorry this is a lame picture, but all of our friends! You know who you are and we will keep you posted on when we could see each other!

In Iowa:

Family! Our nephew Harrison is now much older than this, but you get the idea! Also not pictured is my dad and  Julie's  newborn Daniel.  Also not pictured all of our friends....
Hy-Vee Chinese!
Zoey's Pizza! I'll take a Taco please!
I think I would pay to just smell the garlic bread from Zio Johno's!
Greg is excited to use his Mug Club card again. I think we will even be around on a Tuesday in Iowa  for their special night. We could even go to the one in Minneapolis. 10 points for anyone who can tell us what city is Granite City!.... Yes, we used to live 60 miles down the street from it  (literally): St. Cloud, Minnesota!

In Michigan:
All of the Michigan Family! Not pictured is my  family from Michigan (the Theoderoffs , Faye and Linda) and Greg's extended family! We are looking forward to some yummy cooking from Cathy and Doug as well!
We are excited to see Toby and to see some snow! Hopefully it won't effect our travel plans, but once we get to MI it can snow all it wants!
We've been here once before and Greg wouldn't mind going again to have some good beer before heading back to Bangkok!

So, yes we will probably gain 10 pounds while we are back in the US over Christmas, but we are looking forward to seeing you (hopefully) and enjoying some of the things we've missed. Anything we missed?

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