Saturday, July 23, 2011

The Growing Pains of Adulthood

My mom said to me recently that on the blog I sounded homesick and lonely. That's true at times, but I think that is true for any one living away from where they grew up. Being an adult trying to make friends is easier said than done. One very low point for me was a few months back when I went to my first chickynet event. Chickynet is kinda like facebook- a social networking site- but only for women in Thailand.

The event I attended was a ladies night happy hour at a local hotel. Free drinks (including wine) + meeting some new people= awesome! Right? I thought so too, until my train ride home by myself at 10pm where I just thought of all the friends I missed in the US. My lip started to quiver, deep breathes couldn't help, and the tears started to roll down like a big wheel on a hill. Greg was confused when I arrived back from a night out with a tear stained face and fresh tears raining down and told I had a good night. I just missed my friends. You know who you are...

My fantastic husband Greg, "Don't cry! We live in Thailand. The country with beautiful beaches!"
This past Thursday I attended another event and told Greg I was going to be OK! The table of 12 women came from all over the world and were in Bangkok for a variety of reasons. Teachers, business women, ladies who lunch (here with no perman, artists. Some have been in Bangkok for 1 month, some over 2 years. I even met a woman from Helsinki that has given me great tips for our trip there next week. Over mediocre Mexican Food and 2 hours of free margaritas I realized many things (wouldn't you?!).

1) Bangkok is full of pretty cool women . (You can read another blog entry from Erica about that night too. Well written and very true)

2) I like meeting these people and I should make an effort to see them outside organized events (I got a phone number of Teresa who lives in our neighborhood)

3) There were people I wish could have been there too from Bangkok (that means I have friends in BKK!)

4) Life is Good: Don't Cry!

Hello! My name is Mary and I loveThailand, especially the beaches! (I just don't love it ALL the time)

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