Saturday, July 23, 2011

Football Aussie Style

One thing I've missed while living in Thailand is American football. I prefer the college game (go Hawks!), but even being able to catch an NFL game this fall would be nice. It's just not worth $120 per month for an American cable package, and going across town to the American bar at 6 am to catch a game just doesn't fit my style. So I've learned to enjoy a new game. It's called football. No not soccer... Australian football.

Tonight Mary and I spent the night at home watching a game, having some beer, and eating ribs delivered by motor scooter from the All American Rib Company. I still don't fully understand Aussie Rules Football, but I do know the following video clip was an awesome play! A brief description since almost everyone reading this has probably never heard of this game before:

1) if you kick the ball through the posts (like a field goal in American football) you get 6 points.

2) if you catch a ball that was kicked by more than 15 meters away you get a "free kick". Thus a free kick close to the goal posts is a good thing.

Also the game is played without pads and pretty much does not stop. That said, check out this catch.

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  1. He saw an opportunity and acted fast! That was awesome!