Sunday, July 17, 2011

From our Travels

Over the past few months we have purchased some new artwork to cover our white walls. We look forward to picking up additional items as we continue to travel...

We bought an oil-painting of a tri-shaw when we went to Hua Hin, Thailand. It now fills the space above the bed in our extra bedroom. If you remember, we saw many tri-shaws in the city of Penang, Malaysia and thought this painting fit well in our guest room. I was inspired by its purple accents, so there are now purple Thai-silk accent pillows bed as well. The new pillow cases in turn inspired the new towels in the bathroom for our guests to use.  When you come see us, you can see these for yourself!

The painting and pillow cases help make the room more complete.

A different style than in our painting, but a working tri-shaw in Penang.

These towels look maroon here, but they really are more of a fuchsia.  They are ready for David and Emily! 

If you've skyped with us lately, you may have already seen the Elephant wood carving now above our couch. Greg showed his best negotiating skills over the course of two days to get a good price for this item down in Koh Chang, Thailand. We felt it was appropriate to buy something with an elephant on the island of Koh Chang because Chang means elephant. It helps fill the large white space behind the couch and it will be a nice Thai-inspired piece to have with us for the rest of our lives.

An up close view of this impossible to dust piece of art!

Above our couch.
Now, what to bring home from Scandinavia?


  1. I think you could pick up a nice David & Emily set in Scandinavia... :)

  2. And a bottle of good vodka, perhaps some lutefisk.