Thursday, July 28, 2011

My Local Lunch

This afternoon Melanie and I went across the street for lunch. Literally across the street.

Picture taken from our bedroom window. The restaurant is right below the blue sign the arrow is pointing  to. 

Or right where the star is located. (added by me to help you see exactly where I'm talking about)
We've both walked by this place many times, but have never stopped. We think most of their business is done during the lunch time hours. I meant to take a picture of inside, but I didn't. Though I can tell you that the 12 or so tables -under fans- right off the street- were mostly filled. Here's what we had for lunch.

Across the table is Melanie's Pork Satay Set: Lots of  pork  grilled to perfection on a stick, toasted bread, yummy satay peanut dipping sauce, and Thai Pepper/onion/cucumber salad.

In front is my grilled dried pork in red sauce with boiled egg and cucumber on rice.

Not in the picture is our tin cups of ice tea. Refreshing.
On the way home we picked up these khanom krok. I'll be honest, I had to look this one up because I can never remember their name. Here's (click on here's) another blog that references them. Thank you fellow blogger for informing me that the translation literally means coconut pudding. All I can say is that these are yummy. They come in at least three flavors and are also popular for breakfast. 

Brought home to consume and save some for Greg. They come  with the two halves together, but I pulled them apart so you can see inside. The green one is full of scallions, yellow is corn, and pinkish is sausage.
My dad and I had some corn khanom krok the day we visited The Grand Palace in March.  
The lowdown on the cost of one local lunch:

Delicious pork satay with peanut sauce and scrumptious pork with rice: 120B (includes 20B Tip)= $4 USD
Oh My Goodness those are tasty khanom krok: 20B= $0.65 USD
Grand Total: 140 Baht or $4.65/2= $2.33 per person. 

Tomorrow's local lunch: Noodles. It should be more affordable. 

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