Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Bangkok Declared Safe?

Good news as yesterday the Thai government declared that the surge of water from the north had passed Bangkok and the governments effort to save the city was a success!

This map illustrates why I do not believe the government
The Thai government handling of the flood crisis here has been abysmal. Rather than focusing on providing accurate information, the government leaders are more focused on protecting their personal assets and positioning themselves well politically. The basic model outlined below has been repeated dozens of times over the last 2 weeks.

Step 1: Announce the government will do everything in its power to save "location x"
Step 2: Declare the governments actions were successful in saving "location x"
Step 3: Announce that despite the excellent efforts to save "location x" it is still at slight risk
Step 4: "Location x" is completely inundated with flood water

Example: Nava Nakorn Industrial Estate

Step 1 (Oct 14) "Oldest Industrial Estate Battles On"

Step 2 (Oct 16): "Nava Nokorn Safe"

Step 3 (Oct 17): "Nava Nakorn On The Verge"

Step 4 (Oct 17): "Prime Minister Sorry Nava Nakorn Flooded"

Today Bangkok's governor declared that Bangkok may still be in danger. This sounds an awful lot like we just moved on to step 3.


  1. This is the most possible theory I've ever read.

  2. And it does happen .. every time.

  3. My husband arrived in Bangkok today (after working a few days down South) the relocation company rang him when he arrived to say they can't show him around because apparently the flooding is expected to get very bad in Nonthaburi tonight. i hope this means things will be okay for you and no worse for your driver.

  4. Expat wife (and family),

    Not sure where in BKK you are staying, but I would recomend we meet for dinner. We are not experts on Bangkok by any means, but we would be happy to share what little knowledge we have with you. (66) 081-906-4514

    Contact us soon as I will be leaving Thailand for a few months on Oct 25.

  5. Thank you Greg we would really have loved to meet you for dinner. Unfortunately i am still in Australia and my husband is leaving Bangkok early because of the flooding. We don't arrive back again until December 17th. Thank you so much for your offer.