Sunday, October 30, 2011

Life in Bangkok

Life in Bangkok with over a million people gone is really nice. Less people means lighter traffic and bluer skies. After the government declared last Thursday thru this Monday a holiday and the Ministry of Education made it mandatory for all schools (public, private, and international) to be closed until 7th November lots of people left town. Pictures online show crowded airports and full buses. Last week, along with my friend Melanie, we chose to stay here in Bangkok.  I prepared for possible flooding in many ways.

Water that has been boiled, some bottled, and other things to drink! 

A good find on Wednesday. 180Baht ($6USD), I heard prices went up since then!

My tap water supply. Needed if the electricity goes out to flush toilets and to wash!
This past week has been another up and down week. From reports on Wednesday night saying that Bangkok will wake with water in the city, to reports today saying that central Bangkok is almost in the clear. Roads here in downtown are still dry, but many areas with city limits are seeing the same water that devastated HTO turn their neighborhoods into lakes. I continue to keep most updated via twitter, friends' Facebook statuses and least reliably online media sources. If you need a laugh about the floods, some friends of mine who staying in BKK for the floods started a photo blog about how even though it's a crisis your style should not go to the side. Check out crisis chic here

Good links about the floods:
Video 1: 
Video 2:
Good visual of flooding: 

Greg left for the US on Tuesday and arrived safely. I've asked him to post a blog on his unique experience though so look for that shortly. He has enjoyed this week catching up with old friends and enjoying meals that include cottage cheese and IPA beer.

I'm still here to enjoy good Thai Food. Rice with Duck and a coke at our local favorite. 

I have continued to make progress with my online class, Peaceable Schools and Conflict Resolution, and should begin working on my Term 1 reports. Other things include researching my grad school options, some applications, and taking naps. After hearing that trains are running north to Chiang Mai, I may take a short trip up there before returning to school next Monday. We'll see :-)

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