Monday, October 10, 2011

Flood Update

Here are some pictures from Sunday in and around Rojana Industrial Park. The plant lost power Saturday afternoon. We had just finished putting up sandbags Sunday when the mandatory evacuation order was given for our portion of the industrial park. News reports say the flood walls to the Rojana Industrial Park completely failed last night. As of Monday morning all roads to the plant are now under water.

Sunday on the way to the factory, near Wang Noi

Water is just starting to cross the road

Rice fields are full of water

Villagers are getting there feet wet

The road I'm on here is on top of the levy protecting the industrial park. Water is 30-50 cm higher than on Friday. The water is also now moving quite quickly.

Pictures below show the sandbags and plastic tarps we hope will protect the factory.
If water makes it past this point, things will get rather messy.

Water is nearing the top of the levy directly behind the plant.

A few more shots on the way home.
I still have not heard from my Driver Puk. I'm hoping he's okay.

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