Monday, October 3, 2011

Grand Final

As you may know from reading this blog or from talking with us, we (Greg especially) has become a fan of Australian Football. Yes, it's own sport. Read here for Greg's posting a few months ago on the game.

This past Saturday we were invited over to our friend Katherine and Ananth's home to watch the championship or Grand Final game. Geelong vs. Collingwood. Katherine is Australian and grew up watching Aussie Rules. Her parents were also in attendance, visiting from Australia to welcome Katherine and Ananth's newborn Sid born just a month ago. Other people included three of her Aussie neighbors and our friends Smitha, Kent, and newborn Jude.  It really felt like getting together to watch the Hawkeyes or Vikings back in the States. There was great food, conversation, and it turned out to be a great game as well. After being down in the first half, Geelong came back to win! Here's some pictures from the day. Not too many of Jude, he was quite fussy during the game and then just fell asleep inside their carrier.

Katherine with Sid and Smith with Jude. Sid is one day older than Jude. 

Sid and his mum watching his first Grand Final! Go Cats!

It was Katherine's birthday as well. Happy Birthday Katherine! Katherine, Ananth, and Sid

Katherine, and I with Sid

All the Aussies chatting Australia politics after the game.  They also wondered if there was anyone as crazy as Sarah Palin  running in the next presidential election.... 

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  1. We are not football fans but our 9 year old daughter is, so we endure games to the football and on grand final day we had a little football be honest...I am glad to be escaping the football by moving to Bangkok this year :)