Thursday, October 20, 2011

Step 4: The flood

11 PM Thursday:

"Thai Prime Minister Asks Bangkok to Open All Floodgates" - PM warns Bangkok to Brace for Flooding.

"Flood waters are coming from every direction and we cannot control them because it's a huge amount of water. We will try to warn people.
The longer we block the water the higher it gets. We need areas that water can be drained through so the water can flow out to the sea" - Yingluck Shinaawatra - Prime Minister of Thailand.

In other news, we hit the jackpot at 7 Eleven tonight. It was our fourth stop looking for water and we arrived just after the pallet of water. A number of bottling plants are flooded so supply is very tight right now. Combine that with the 15 million people hoarding food and water and critical supplies are very hard to find right now. We are supplied for about 2 weeks right now. We are filling the bathtub now as an emergency reserve.


  1. I hope your worst fears don't happen! The government has not been reliable so am glad you are taking the precautions. Can't tell you how much we appreciate the updates from both of you. All of us returned from Thailand with a wealth of new friends and we continue to have them all in our hearts during these times. Good Luck from Sayles and all of us at the DC.

  2. You are doing everything you can. Keep calm and kind towards each other. You will make it through this crisis. All of your family and friends are thinking and praying for you. God is and will continue to provide a way through this mess. J. Schuett