Thursday, October 13, 2011

Thursday Update

Greg just said to me, "I need to stop checking the news sites. It's like a bad traffic accident and you can't look away." That's how we a feeling about things near us right now.

I spent the day at home today battling a case of 24 hour stomach flu. One of the things I did between naps is sign up for a twitter account to follow flood news. Great to keep informed, not great to get away from it all. We are still dry here as reports about flooding get closer and closer to the city. I plan on returning to school tomorrow for the last day of the first half term. Next week I have off. Who knows what that will bring.

Greg spent another day working from home and from a make shift office in Bangkok. Right now their focus is protecting the plant from looters. With a local hired boat, a team of people will go investigate tomorrow. One of their main concerns includes protecting themselves from wildlife that may have found refuge in the plant. The team that was rescued earlier this week saw 1 king cobra swimming in the water and there are reports of crocodiles as well.

Thank you for all of our friends, family, and just blog followers who have kept us, our driver, and all Thais in their prayers. Keep them coming!

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  1. I have been reading another blog that updates on the floods also (it has not had much coverage here which I find quite sad considering the lives lost and the magnitude)

    As you know, I keep my daughter updated via the updates on your blog but I think I might leave out the bit about king cobra's and crocodiles!! (OMG!)