Sunday, October 2, 2011

My First Days of Schools

Sorry it has been so long since our last update. I think this is the longest we have gone! Expect a few postings this week....

In the past two months I've had two first days of school. The first was mid-August starting my second year at Mulberry House International Pre-School. Yes, I'm the Rabbit Teacher again, but with a very different class. I have 13 students that keep me busy the entire day. Unlike last year, there are a few who are still learning English. My assistant can help translate the Thai, but Arabic is one that we both don't understand. I have just 2 weeks left of the first half term. I'm looking forward to the week +1 day off, plus my mom comes to visit! Here's some pictures of my new Rabbit Class!

Some random photos from this year so far... From L to R: Morning Meeting, boys building, measuring our bodies with our foot prints, girls getting ready for ballet after school class, partners with the portraits of each other they drew, and boys dressing up during choice time.  
Pictures from one of our cooking projects: Birthday cupcakes

My second first day of school was a few weekends ago. I officially began my master's program through the State University of New York Buffalo here in Bangkok. Go Bulls! (I had to look that up)The program, Multidisciplinary Studies, is a masters for international teachers covering a wide variety of subjects. My coursework should be done by next June with just my final project to complete.

My first day of grad school. Greg got up to take my picture at 8am, bless his heart!

My class, The Holistic Curriculum: Teaching to Both Sides of the Brain, met at big international school about 20 minutes away from home. My fellow classmates come from all over the world. Ireland, Canada, Thailand/India, and the US. Our professor was Russian. Yes, I'm using the past tense because this class is already over. In the first week +1 day we met 6 times for approximately 38 hours. We had the next week for our two written assignments. I just submitted my final assignment. Next class starts next week. Between my two schools, it's going to be a busy year.

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