Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The Plan

I've never been happier to hear the the familiar voice on the other end of the line say "Hi boss, this is Puk."

Puk is okay. He is at the shop he owns in central Ayutthaya along with a few of his workers, protecting the shop from looting. He has run out of food, water, and money. With the help of a Thai friend, emergency provisions are now on the way. Puk will be taking a boat to the nearest dry land a few kilometers away to pick up emergency provisions before heading back to his shop.

Over the next day or two am getting an aid package together for him. Tentative plans are to try and make it up to him on Friday or Saturday with whatever food and water I can find on the empty shelves of Bangkok.

Instant noodles?

Not much bread either.


  1. Oh I feel so rude, I only just noticed today a lot of comments i had not seen waiting moderation on my blog and one was a very helpful message from you about the schooling. We are not living in BKK yet. We still have 9 weeks until we leave Melbourne but my husband is travelling over there this weekend to look at homes and schools.

    I have a 9 year old daughter who I was sharing the information about the floods with via your blog. She asked me yesterday if Puk was okay :) We are glad your able to help him with provisions.

    I hope the flood issue starts improving very soon - if not already?

  2. Hey, don't worry! Tell your daughter thank you for thinking of Puk (pronounced Poo)What a weekend for your husband to come visit! The flood waters are starting to reach Bangkok and the effect they have on the city are still to be seen. It will take awhile for the water to go down at my husband's work. Thailand is pretty flat, so the draining is a slow process. We are still hoping for the best. Thank you for your kind words and we'll try to keep the blog updated :-)