Sunday, January 12, 2014

Bangkok Protest Update

A quick update on the continuing anti government protests in Bangkok:

In case you hadn't heard, there have been anti government protests going on in Bangkok for the last few months.  So far protests have not been located in our neighborhood and haven't had much direct impact on our lives.  That might change tomorrow.

A large number of protesters are planning a "Bangkok Shutdown" to try and get the prime minister to resign.  Their plan is to occupy major intersections in central Bangkok to more or less paralyze traffic.  A number of the intersections are close to our condo which could make getting around town rather difficult.

The graphic below from the Bangkok Post shows the approximate areas where traffic will be impacted.  We live on Rama IV Road in one of the "Crucial Impact" areas.

Mary's school is close to the Asok-Sukhumvit intersection which will be occupied by protesters, and classes have been canceled for Monday.  The status of classes later in the week will depend on how things go on Monday in Bangkok.

I am planning to get out of town early tomorrow morning for work ahead of traffic (same as every workday).  We do live very close to an expressway which should remain open, so I'm optimistic that I may be able to get home tomorrow night.  I'll check with Mary before heading home.  If things are really bad I will just get a hotel near the factory for the night.

We'll keep the blog updates with any new information.

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