Sunday, January 26, 2014

Khon Ramakien: Thai Masked Dance

On Friday night, a girl from church organized an event to go see Khon: Thai Masked Dance at the Sala Chalermkrung Royal Theatre. I invited a friend from school to join and there ended up to be six of us for a night out.

The group of girls I know from church with the performers after the show. 
The performance followed the story of Hanuman, a monkey with supernatural powers, that while not perfect, is destined to be the Prince Phra Ram's warrior. The costumes and dance were simply amazing to watch. A friend explained that everyone's mask is uniquely made for each dancer and each night they must be sewn into their outfits. The girls I was with

The performance was divided into 8 scenes that followed Hanuman's life. Accompanied by an onstage band of Thai instruments, the dialogue was in Thai. There was scrolling marque to follow along in English. The hour and a half show went by quickly.

I can imagine coming to a show at the theater back in 1933 when it first opened was quite the event. The 50 or so people in attendance for the show on Friday did little to fill the massive auditorium, however it was in excellent condition. This is just one of the many venues hurting from fewer tourists being in the city because of the massive protests.

If you're planning a visit to Bangkok and want to experience a night of traditional Thai dancing, I would recommend visiting. Shows are every Friday night at 7:30 and the theatre is just a short taxi ride away from the Hua Lumpong MRT train station exit 1.

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