Sunday, January 26, 2014

Happy Australian Day

It was a bad day if you were trying to vote early in Thailand's elections.  A protest leader was shot and killed blocking a polling station in Bang Na, about 20 minutes from our condo. Most polling stations were blocked by protests in greater Bangkok.  The video link below shows the incident.  View the link at your own discretion.  It is uncut, and violent.

In happier news, it is Australian Day.  We wish the best to all or our Australian friends.  We enjoyed some food and drinks (keep quiet, it's early voting day, alcohol is banned) at a fine Aussie establishment in Bangkok this evening.

Mary managed to squish her toe in a subway escalator on the way home, and subsequently enjoyed a motorcycle taxi right to our doorstep.  It was about 1 minute faster than walking from the train station.

Mark and Kathy, Ubon Ratchithani is about 3 hours from my factory.  It has been cool, but not freezing.  The child you support should be okay, albeit chilly.  It is warming up here now. Lows should be in the upper 60's (F) this week with highs in the low 90's.


  1. ouch ouch ouch Mary! First glance it could've been a really messy pedicure... wish it was!! :( Thinking you guys this weekend... thanks for the updates.

  2. Brooke- There is only blood on my sandal, the color on top is from a really old manicure.