Sunday, January 19, 2014

Weekend Update

Mary stayed home from work on Friday recovering from food poisoning that managed to wipe out a good percentage of the staff and students of the Australian International School.  This combined with the current political situation encouraged us to just chill at home on Friday night.

On Saturday we did manage to get out quite a bit though.  I headed out with some friend in the morning to explore a protest-free area of Bangkok that I had never visited.  Sadly Mary had a meeting with a parent of one of her students on Saturday morning and wasn't able to join.  She missed a great time.  We can see the nearby Sri Nakhon Khuean Khan Park from our condo, but have never been there mostly because it is on the other side of the river and is not particularly easy to get to.

12 of us met up at 9 AM near our condo and took taxis down to the river.  We caught a long tail boat across the river and rented bikes to explore the area.  It was amazing!  It felt like we were biking through the jungle hours away from the city!  We also explored a local floating market, and had lunch and a few beers at a beautiful riverside restaurant (beautiful if you ignored the oil refinery across the river).

Later in the afternoon I joined back up with Mary and headed out for an evening of bowling to celebrate one of her co-workers birthdays.

We continue to be cautious of protest areas.  There was another daylight bombing today near the Victory Monument protest site.  28 people were injured, some seriously, when two Russian RDG-5 grenades were thrown.  This is the same type of grenade that was used in the blast on Friday that injured 30+ and killed 1.  This is about a mile down the road from our church.  We did still go to church tonight without incident.

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