Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Bangkok Shutdown: Day 3

This morning when we woke up we discovered that the second night of the protests were not as peaceful as the first. While there were no fatalities and only a few injuries, there was one shooting and a bombing overnight. The bombing targeted a democrat leader's home and it's unsure who was the target of the shooting. Needless to say, the tension in the city rose just a bit. Here's articles from the news about each incident: Bombing, Shooting

Despite these incidents of violence, we still feel very safe at home and comfortable with our commutes to work. Mine has taken me a bit longer since I stop to take photos or just to people watch. Even though my school is very close to one of the main protest sites, it's nestled back into a very quaint neighborhood. Most of my students walk to school. So, as the protesters marched down the main road today-just a quarter mile away- we could only hear the faint sound of whistles.  

Left- Asoke in the AM, Top right- Asoke Mid-Afternoon, Bottom right- Asoke evening.

As my students were eating snack and working on math, this was going on up the street. A co-worker of mine took these. The man on the far left is Suthep- the leader of Bangkok Shutdown- accepting money from a supporter.

Greg reported that his drive to work was longer than normal and his drive home was nearly normal. The main intersection where he makes a U-turn to go back down and enter the expressway was being manipulated by protesters to set up a block using sandbags and tires. Judging from the traffic flow and pictures on twitter they succeeded. We were content we both got home safely and we found our local grilled chicken and sticky rice lady for a nice dinner at home. 

Rama IV Road- just down from us. Lumpini Park is on the right behind the red fence.

As always, please for Thailand and it's people. Good night :-)

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