Thursday, January 16, 2014

The New Normal

It doesn't look like the protests will be ending any time soon and the city of Bangkok seems to be settling in to a new sort of normal.  Avoid certain intersections (or you will be stuck in traffic), don't stay out late at night (more shooting and bombs last night), and life can go on more or less as normal.

The huge daytime protest crowds from earlier this week have dwindled (people do have jobs), but large crowds are still coming out in the evening after work.  The pictures below are morning and evening shots at the Asok intersection near Mary's school.

Traffic patterns are still different, but overall congestion is returning to normal levels as people head back to work.  Note the 8 lanes of Rama IV Raod below now terminate at the intersection with Sathorn / Wireless Roads in the distance rather than continuing on through the Lumpini rally site.  This has created a traffic headache for me, even at 5:45 AM when I leave for work.

In many ways things are not all that different from normal though.  Mary and I went for a walk this evening in Lumpini Park.  People were out jogging, playing badminton, attending zumba class, and enjoying the sunset.  The southwest quarter of the park is also home to a protester tent city.

We continue to get regular news updates from our favorite blogger, Richard Barrow.  He has a new toy, a drone mounted camera.  The pictures below are from him.  Check out his twitter feeder for ALL the latest protest details and additional awesome photos.

Also, if you haven't yet figured out what to buy me for my birthday in June, start looking at drones.

Finally, one more set of pictures from twitter.  New today are the military bunkers set up on elevated walkways around town.  As always, we will keep you posted with any new developments.

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