Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Bangkok Shutdown: Day 2

The covers of the two major English papers in Bangkok 14/1/2014
As we woke up this morning, we discovered that the first night of "Bangkok Shutdown" was peaceful and uneventful. As I walked to school this morning, I saw tents pitched where there are usually street food carts and more people than cars at the main Asoke intersection. With low's in the upper 60°F's, I hoped people brought enough blankets.

Good morning

The left picture was taken this morning around 7:15am, the other about a month ago around the same time. 
We have kept and will keep up to date on the protests as best we can via news websites and twitter. The pictures you see here are from twitter and from me. The groups today may have seemed less dense, but it was reported that many of the groups did marches out to specific government buildings during the day. The group down our street at Lumpini Park walked by our building to and from the Thai Customs Building near the port. The crowds at all locations were expected to swell again after the work day concluded.  Judging by the pictures posted tonight, those predictions were true.

Around the Asoke intersection this afternoon. There was no shortage of people selling whistles, arm bands, stickers, you name it with the Thai flag. 
Left- This afternoon around 3:30, Right- Around 7pm this evening
Greg's commute today was more normal than yesterday's, but still not as heavy as an average day. With the lighter traffic overall, the cooler temps even have the air feeling much cleaner than usual. It may even dip down below 60°F one evening this week!

As we pray for the peacefulness to continue, we will try to get this updated. 

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