Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Election Sunday

A brief update on Thailand:

The Thai election commission proposed that the election scheduled for Sunday Feb 2 be delayed.  The prime minister said this would violate the constitution.  The election commission asked for clarification from the Constitutional Court, and the court said the election can be delayed.  The prime minister said the election must go ahead.  All 50 of Bangkok's election officials resigned today.

So it sounds like there will be an election in Thailand on Sunday, although folks are not sure who will administer things.  There are still significant concerns over the legitimacy of any election right now, the potential for groups blocking polls, and political violence.  Here's a maps of where early voting was blocked last weekend.  The areas in red are the locations with the strongest potential for trouble leading up to Sunday's election.

The National Anti-Corruption Commission is also moving ahead with corruption charges against the prime minister over a rice subsidy scheme.  This had been talked about in concept previously, but they are now moving forward with a formal impeachment process.

We're thinking it's a good weekend to get out of town and relax at a beach.

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